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29.09.14 News

Twitter Analytics Has Landed (For Regular Users)

It’s widely known if you pay attention to the right circles that Twitter recently launched its Twitter Analytics dashboard for regular users rather than just for advertisers. Though advertisers have had this for a while now and continue to have access to a more in depth version.  If you are one of the few that did not know this, you can take a look here – Similar to Google Analytics and Facebook insights, Twitter now allows its users to see if that potentially engaging tweet has been a success or a terrible flop.

The analytics dashboard allows you to measure impressions, engagements and engagement rates over the past 28 days with a further 24 hour breakdown when the specific Tweet is clicked bringing up several key metrics:

• Impressions
• Retweets
• Link clicks
• User Profile clicks
• Embedded media clicks
• Replies
• Favourites

The data doesn’t stop there!  You are also given a valuable breakdown of your audience with information based on interests, location, and gender.

So, what’s next? You have access to some insightful data, but how can you use it to your best advantage?

I’m not sure your average Twitter user is going to benefit all that much from seeing a Tweet that has had engagement from your stalker… sorry, I mean your best friend!  Where Twitter Analytics will come into play is with small businesses or people offering a service. These small businesses for example will now be able to use the data to shape the future of their Tweets which will help to possibly gain exposure or even produce a return on investment.

Useful information such as what #Hashtag produced the most engagements. Did a post with media embedded engage higher than those that did not? I think we all know the answer to this question. Also, the timing of your Tweets could help you in the future with the optimum time to Tweet. At this stage of investigating the data it’s all about who, what and when questions.

With further information under the Followers there is the potential to try and target an audience via specific locations or even interests. The information under this tab is not overly in depth but can provide people with a little more understanding about their audience that they didn’t previously.

It has a long way to go before Twitter Analytics is as insightful as Google Analytics for the non-paying customer and it will be very interesting to know what new features will be added in the near future.  A custom date range would be a nice added feature. It has however opened a door to the possibility of getting more out of your Tweets and if you have a service or product to offer, this can be exciting and very beneficial.

With anything that involves data it will take time to build up a comparison through testing, but here at Kingsland Linassi we are looking forward to using the new analytics dashboard to shape the future of our own Tweets and our clients’.

Iang - Kingsland Linassi

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