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The Light Lab

Website Creation

Over the past few years, Kingsland Linassi has been working with London-based architectural lighting specialists The Light Lab to help drive website traffic and sales with an extensive SEM strategy.

Design elements were inspired by electric circuit diagrams

Their team has flicked the switch on a number of high-profile lighting projects in cities all over the world, from cosmopolitan Milan to bustling New York, and with this host of new projects to showcase it was Kingsland Linassi they turned to for a website refresh.

The thinking behind the design revolved around how best to bring their projects to life, so a dark colour palette helped shine a light on the bright and glossy project imagery present throughout the site. Design elements were inspired by electric circuit diagrams, and our dev team optimised the site to ensure both the quality and size of imagery was retained despite image rotators requiring ten high-resolution images apiece. As with all our websites, it was built in consultation with our in-house digital marketing team to ensure it provided the best platform for their ongoing work, without compromising design.

Optimised for both desktop and mobile, the site highlights the scale of The Light Lab’s projects and has improved usability by introducing downloadable spec sheets and CAD files (rendering product designs in 3D with photometric data).

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The website documents each project’s life, from the architect’s initial drawings, through to the finished installations.

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