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The Friday Five #1 – Red Brand Identity Design

Hello, I’m Yvie and I’m a hoarder.
I’m a self-confessed creative hoarder and I love it.

As I designer, I consider curiosity as one of my most important traits. Having an open mind and being able to be inspired by the world around me means that am always soaking up new ideas and concepts that are just waiting to be explored in my work. I have sketchbooks and notebooks full to the brim with thoughts, and now thanks to the growth of digital media, Pinterest, Designspiration and Behance are my new dealers. We are encouraged to share our insights and inspirations in the studio, and every Friday I’ll be sharing some of my latest finds.

As it’s the last day in the studio before Christmas, we’re starting with a collection of some minimal red branding projects.



The Friday Five #1 –
Red brand identity design

The Nolitan by Noë & Associates

Named after the location, The Nolitan celebrates its local community of Nolita (Little Italy), New York. This boutique brand has a strong presence with a limited colour palette, with added personality coming from the co-ordinating pattern applied throughout the various touch-points. This not only includes the stationary, packaging and digital media, but a hotel newspaper was produced to showcase the many faces of Nolitan residents, workers and guests. From naming to application the brand celebrates the “diversity of the neighbourhood and the local niche businesses that make Nolitan’s unique, encouraging guests to become a Nolitan too.”


Red and white packaging boxes for The Nolitan by Noe Associates | The Friday Five #1 - Red branding by Yvie Ormsby
[Candy cane striped branding for The Nolitan]


Playground by Character

This is one of those brands that I really love. Partly due to the geometric logo mark, partly due to the minimal styling, and all brought to life with some wonderful animation. Playground is a venture fund and start-up studio who take a more hands-on approach to mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. The design as a whole is simple and uncluttered, reflecting their professional yet approachable personality. However, the heavy use of a bold red shows that they are not your average business – Playground certainly stands out. The logo mark captures the two sides of the brand well, with a ball full of playful spirit and a line to keep it grounded. As play and creativity is a big part of their process, a series of dynamic animations were created, that you can’t help but feel enthused and inspired by.


Ball bouncing
[See the full playful animation for Playground here]


el Postre by Anagrama

This refined design is a re-brand for the well-known pastry boutique in San Pedro Garza Garcia. Mexico. Anagrama have paired a contemporary sans-serif logo with classic serif details to reflect the refresh of this experienced and loved cake shop. An icon of a cake slice was created to better showcase the product, and an extensive pattern collection adds interest and sense of fun to a simple brand. The hints of pink soften the look and the addition of gold foil (an firm Anagrama favourite) reflects the high quality products on offer. You can see that the packaging design has been treated less like your standard commercial concept, but more like a beautiful collection of gifts. Most certainly the sort of gift that I’d like!


Red and white branding for el Postre by Anagrama | The Friday Five #1 - Red branding by Yvie Ormsby
[A bold red & white brand for el Postre]


Fraher Architects by Freytag Anderson

Simplicity is a notoriously hard thing to get right, and in the case of this brand work by Freytag Anderson a little twist makes it a real success. The concept takes a logo created from their initial interpreted as a floor-plan, which allows for an ever-changing grid to be utilised throughout the print materials. Sometimes seen in 3D, but predominantly in a flat linear design, this ‘F-grid’ creates a modular system in which “the intersecting compartments or rooms create a simple graphic device for containing text, images and texture”. The vibrant red works as a highlight for this functional aesthetic and works across corporate stationery, internal documents and (of course) a grid-based website.


Stationery suite for Fraher Architects by Freytag Anderson | The Friday Five #1 - Red branding by Yvie Ormsby
[A modular logo & grid system for Fraher Architects]


The Lab by Ryan Miglinczy

The Lab is a project set up by NESTA to respond to the growing pressures on the UK’s public services. The campaign’s concept is all about how this project is focusing on their goal of improvement, and this is reflected in the logo with a clever repeat of the the ‘L’ to mimic the focus symbols on cameras. Another great use of simplicity to reinforce an idea, and one which is used as a graphic device in areas of the brand like print materials, as well as informing a collection of illustrations, icons and super-graphics for the offices.


Red and white logo for Nesta The Lab by Ryan Miglinczy | The Friday Five #1 - Red branding by Yvie Ormsby
[Minimal logo design for The Lab]


Happy Friday!

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