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27.03.15 News

6Tribes: An Interest-based Social Network Launched Today

The creator behind the BBC iPlayer, Anthony Rose, today released his new social networking platform 6Tribes in the UK. It aims to bring together like-minded individuals and doesn’t limit you to people you went to school with or know in your real world. The company behind 6Tribes has raised a seed round of funding, with angel investors including Elio Leoni Sceti and Bettina Bahlsen. However, the exact figure has not been disclosed. The app is being rolled out in the UK initially and then globally later in the year.

Whilst Facebook has groups and Twitter hashtags that can be followed, 6Tribes aims to automate this by using its own algorithm where it scans your music, photos and Facebook information to offer up a range of ‘tribes’ that might interest you.

“We’re starting with essentially lifestyle tribes aimed at urban millennials,” says Rose. “At launch we have close to 100 tribes. Users can start their own tribes and we would imagine we’ll have many hundreds or thousands of tribes in the coming months.” The Types of groups you will find on 6Tribes initially include Coffee Geeks, Adrenaline Junkies, Feminists, Kung Foodies and Core Gamers.

6Tribes-Social network

The interface is clean and simple and joining a Tribe is merely a click away. Sharing a post is very similar to that of the other main networks, as well as adding photos and links, however there is no video support as yet. A bit of a gaping hole they will need to fill quickly.

The new social network certainly has a lot of potential and the information it gathers will no doubt have a monetary value to the team at 6Tribes. I expect that adverts will start to crop up sooner or later and it will be interesting to see how 6Tribes deals with abuse and duplicate Tribes.

However, it is great to see a UK start up joining the foray of social networks currently out there and with the likes of Anthony Rose behind it, are we seeing the birth of the next big thing? Only time and Tribes will tell.

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