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We are print aficionados. It allows the exploration of format, materials and printing techniques to create something beautiful

How a clear gloss foiling catches the light to bring a design to life, or when a fine Japanese paper transforms the feel of a project – these are the creative moments we relish. Although digital can provide a global reach, there is nothing like handling a beautiful printed piece to reflect the quality of your brand.

Digital will continue to grow and as we’ve seen in the hospitality and real estate sectors, play a leading role in how we bring projects to market and engage with buyers and guests. Tablet applications and virtual reality are exciting technologies, but print can engage just as powerfully, if not more, when the time is taken to craft it.

For us, ink, foil, paper and texture will always have its place at Kingsland Linassi.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing | Sugar Beach Residences | Foil Logo Words Closeup

“Their commitment to producing perfectly-realised brand positioning and materials makes KL stand out from any other agencies we’ve worked with”

Penny StrawsonProperty Sales Director, Sugar Beach Residences

Print Marketing | Sugar Beach Residences | Sugar Beach Book Spread