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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing uses a vast array of channels and disciplines, each one with its own set of goals and measurable results

We thrive on targeting the right channels at the right time for each client and project to deliver results based on their ambitions. Whether it’s raising awareness of a brand, driving bookings for a hotel or generating serious enquiries for a multi-million dollar real estate project, we define and deliver targeted digital marketing campaigns that demonstrate a client’s return on investment.

Digital marketing should be a key element of your brand’s route to market. It constantly reinforces values, communicates with your audience and conveys reassurance, growth and leadership. By taking advantage of annual trends, competitor research and market experience, we ensure your marketing finds and inspires the relevant audience.

Regular messages across multiple channels can either attract direct conversions or slowly permeate audiences until they are ready to make the important buying decision. With new channels, networks and markets opening up all the time, we ensure clients remain ahead of the curve.

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“Kingsland Linassi are enthusiastic, fun to work with and very professional. Our business has benefited greatly”

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