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KL were selected for the naming and branding of this beautiful, luxury eco escape. Kasiiya welcomes you to unwind, recharge and experience a world away from the thousand repetitions of an urban day.

A unique hospitality concept that began with just five luxury safari tents set at the heart of Central America’s ancient forest.

With environmentally respectful construction in its DNA – kasiiya called for a compelling and illustrative story to bring the concept to life.

Kasiiya is an unobtrusive brand. Harmonious with its surroundings, it takes second stage to its beautiful locations and unique communities. The creation of a bespoke brand mark is crucial to the development of a strong brand identity and serves to enhance the kasiiya experience.

With plans to expand beyond its flagship property in Costa Rica, creating a brand that could sit comfortably anywhere around the world whilst never losing sight of its roots was key to kasiiya’s development. Kingsland Linassi took the very essence of the concept and grew this into an emotive brand.

As part of the kasiiya project, a website was built to showcase this unique environment, alongside a full digital marketing strategy including social media, community management, film conceptualisation and online advertising.

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Kingsland Linassi Brand Strategy and Creation | Luxury Travel

We created the brand strapline:
'pause . breathe . discover'

Rediscover the true value of time.

Ian Linassi

Guests are invited to find their own pace.

In an increasingly busy world, time is a rare and precious commodity. A sense of escapism and calm is imparted with the simplistic, modern and approachable word mark, that resonates with the quality of the brand.

Kingsland Linassi Brand Strategy and Creation | Luxury Travel
Kasiiya | Costa Rica Luxury Eco Lodge | Website
Kasiiya | Costa Rica Luxury Eco Lodge | Branding and Website
Kingsland Linassi Digital Strategy and Creation | Luxury Travel

Just over 100 days into the strategy, we had over 800 followers enjoying the beauty of kasiiya

Ian LinassiCreative Director