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D&AD Awards 2017

It’s pencil time!

Celebrating the finest creative work in the world. D&AD celebrates and nurtures outstanding work in the design and advertising industry each year with its international creative awards.

Last week marked the end of the 2017 D&AD Awards, so I thought I’d take a look at some of the work that picked up a pencil among the whopping 26,000 entries at what is one of the most anticipated design award events of the year for both up and coming new bloods, as well as international design and advertising agencies.

I’ve been following D&AD since I was at college, and much like other creatives, I dream of how cool it would feel to get my mitts on a yellow pencil. I entered New Blood with some friends from Central Saint Martins an age ago with a photography-based ad campaign for ethical fashion.  As a group we were lucky enough to pick up a commendation – which was awesome – but more than that, the experience of being surrounded by all these creatives, both up and coming as well as some amazing established agencies, to celebrate the industry we work in was such a buzz. So year on year, I always enjoy checking in to see who’s nabbed a pencil, as well as seeing all the entries and having a good old design induced inspiration session.


Refugee Nation

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather New York
Brand: Amnesty International

New York agency Ogilvy & Mather took the simple approach to this highly topical and hard hitting entry. A clever idea supporting both community and safety for refugees by creating a flag for the ‘Refugee Nation’. Uniting refugees all round the world, this campaign gives a bold, simple and recognisable graphic to a worthy, diverse and never-ending campaign. This piece of design is the perfect example of ‘less is more’.

Discover more about the campaign on their website.

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Somos Brasil

Agency: Lyon
Brand: Lyon

Being an avid book hoarder and photography lover, this pencil-worthy book by Marcus Lyon is definitely on my shortlist. The book documents Marcus and his team’s six-month journey around the far corners of Brazil, gathering stories and capturing the unique lives of over one hundred Brazilians. Celebrating the country’s social and cultural diversity through its people, the book’s logo cleverly morphs the Brazilian flag into an abstract figure form to represent the project’s focus on the country’s people.

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everything in black and white

Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Brand: Leica Gallery São Paulo

This may be my favourite piece from this year, again, just for its simplicity and bold celebration of all things analogue. This print for Leica’s campaign transforms the technical aspects of analogue photography into a unique graphical style that explains almost the entire beauty of analogue photography through its typographical design. This design has texture, depth and emotion, which are similar feelings to those evoked by analogue images themselves. Stylish, sophisticated and a classic design – a fitting match for Leica.

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Brad is single

Agency: TRY Oslo
Brand: Norwegian

To round off my list of favourites from this year, I have to throw in a mention of the guys over at TRY Oslo for their Norwegian Airlines campaign. Everyone loves a bit of celebrity gossip – even those who pretend they don’t – and like it or loathe it, everyone knew when ‘Brangelina’ parted ways. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Brad (I feel like if I talk about him on first name terms it’s a little like we’re friends) has been and always will be a good old fashioned Hollywood heart-throb, but it then takes a clever, quick-thinking agency to capitalise on that thought. With the world’s much sought after need for some humour and one airline’s desire to sell one way tickets to L.A, the ‘Brad is Single’ campaign was born. Topical campaigns are destined to take off, with social media thumbs hovering to like or share a post of interest and this is no exception. With 32% sales increase on the route overnight, 300M media impressions and almost 900 pieces of online coverage, TRY proved here that Brad’s still got it.

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