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Having designed some of the world's most distinctive hotels, Jaya turned to us to make the natural progression into hotel management

Jaya Hotels & Residences

Jaya Ibrahim was a celebrated interior designer and visionary, bringing his unique style and eye for detail to some of the most exclusive hotels and private residences in the world. When asked if they would operate properties as well as design them, this seemed a natural progression for the business.

The Brief

With this move into Jaya Hotels & Residence, there was a real need to step back and look at the brand positioning, draw out the unique qualities of the offer and differentiate them in a crowded market. This took on another dimension with the untimely loss of its founder, figurehead and our friend.

The need to reassure stakeholders that the Jaya legacy was in safe hands was now a key part of the work being undertaken. There was no doubt of the team’s abilities and passion for the Jaya ethos, we just needed to ensure the world knew this.

Hotel and Resort Branding | Jaya Hotels and Resorts | Interior Shot
Creative Branding | Jaya Hotels & Resorts | Design Exterior

Our Approach

Jaya’s approach to design searched for the beauty and serenity within each project, inspired by the local culture and geographical context; no two styles were ever the same, but always unmistakably Jaya. Working closely with their team, we created a legacy brand that is fiercely committed to upholding the values and sensibilities that make their style unique, highlighting at every opportunity the beauty in their craft. This included a brand book for Hotels & Residences and the subsequent collateral needed to tell their story.

Website Design and Development | Jaya Hotels and Resorts | Mobile Design Preview

“I found KL to be not just incredibly creative, but more responsive and personalized to our needs than anyone I have ever worked with.”

Bruce GoldsteinCo-founder

Jaya Hotels and Residences Book
Jaya Hotels and Residences Book
Jaya Hotels and Residences Book
Branding | Jaya Hotels & Residences | Interior Shot of Amanfayun, China