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BT Rebrand?

Changing with the times

If you can remember British Telecom’s Buzby, the yellow bird often found sitting atop a telegraph wire, you will have witnessed the evolution of the BT brand. We have seen the shift from British Telecom to BT and the somewhat controversial piper, followed by the colourful ‘connected world’ logo. Well rumour has it the brand is on the move again, and in my opinion, rightly so.


Buzby Badge

Reasons for change?

The world and BT have changed. BT Vision is taking on the kings of UK satellite broadcasting, their acquisition of EE sees a move back into mobile networks, whilst the way we access information and services has changed beyond recognition since the ‘connected world’ was launched way back in 2003. We use multiple devices and channels to communicate and consume broadcast media – consumption that is now on our own terms.

The new brand needs to work across all of these touchpoints, whether illuminated on the front of a BT Vision box or emblazoned across the sides of vehicles. First glimpse of the brand shows a simplified san serif BT set within a circle, with a colour transition running through both. Perhaps a nod to the telegraph pole ‘T’ symbol that we were all more than familiar with in the 1980’s.


BT Evolution Logo


This simplicity should allow creative implementation of the brand across those different touchpoints. Will it go beyond the logo and include sound branding (think Intel), how will it come to life on screen? Only time with tell, but I look forward to seeing it in action – should the rumours be true of course!

Ian - Kingsland Linassi

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