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Bhartiya City

The birth of an Indian Smart City

Envisioned to provide a better quality of life for Indian businesses and families alike, Bhartiya City is a 125-acre smart city located in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Bangalore, home to what is seen as the Silicon Valley of India.

We were faced with an exciting opportunity – to brand a smart city in the centre of high-tech Bangalore, Southern India.

To help bring the vision to life and increase understanding of what is being created, our team designed and built a spirited, responsive journal website. Clean, colourful and content-rich, the site provides visitors with a vibrant hub for all information on this ambitious and transformative development.

We gave Bhartiya City a unique tone of voice that reflected the city’s emphasis on community and happiness, whilst devising a copy style guide to assist with copy creation site-wide and throughout all digital communications.

Ian - Kingsland Linassi

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Bhartiya takes influence from the world's great cities to design the future

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