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27.08.14 News

Around the world in five pitches

It’s clear to see confidence returning to the market as the world economy limps out of recession. Projects that were on hold have had new life breathed into them and exciting new ventures are taking shape with great vision and ambition. All this has meant a busy and jet-setting first half of 2014 for team KL.

2014 started in the fashion capital of Europe, Milan, with a visit to the HQ of global fashion giants Dolce and Gabbana. First impressions – ‘they are the biggest glass doors in the world!’. Second thoughts were ‘we should have spent more on the new suits!”.

A few weeks later, we were returning to Italy, this time the destination was the beautiful region of Umbria, the less well known and visited neighbour of Tuscany. Resort and real estate development is rare in this protected region, the food basket of Italy, so we were thrilled to be pitching for an amazing project that took its responsibilities to the historic timeline of the area seriously. A long day with us setting off from London to Rome at 4.00am, followed by a fairly lengthy drive to Umbria. The pitch went very well and spirits were high on the equally long journey back to London!

We were relieved to learn our suits couldn’t have let us down too badly, as our Milan experience resulted in a direct invitation to pitch for another exciting opportunity in New York in March. More on this in 2015…

Kingsland Linassi continue to work with several clients in Singapore and March also saw us returning to the city-state for a project meeting on an exciting and exclusive new development in The Maldives due to launch later this year. Impossibly luxurious real estate, serviced by one of the best hotel operators in the world and in a location of extraordinary natural beauty, launching and marketing this special resort is an opportunity not to be missed – it’s why we do what we do!

The day after returning from Singapore we received a call to discuss rebranding one of the UAE’s largest companies. With just five days to prepare a creative pitch, we were whisked out to Dubai to present our creative concepts to the client. With barely enough time to get over the time difference from Singapore, the 24-hour jet-setting team successfully presented three routes to the client who was more than happy with what they saw. More to follow over the next few months.

I guess the amount of international travel that would be needed to support international clients was at the very back of our minds when we set up Kingsland Linassi in 2008. We now have clients in every corner of the world and we’re proud of our ability to deliver award-winning work and levels of service. Until this year, KL has only ever existed in a difficult economic climate but, with confidence returning to the real estate, resort and hotel markets, the amount of long-haul flights we take is only likely to increase. What will become increasingly important is ensuring clients in very different time-zones to London continue to feel they can communicate with us at a time that suits them. Telephone / video conferences and Skype help of course, but nothing beats a face-to-face meeting if you need to get stuff done.

We’re looking forward to collecting ever-more stamps in our passports over the next few months.

Julian - Kingsland Linassi

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